Here's a weird story that actually happened about a year ago, but there is some more information about the barn doorstop from space. This story is a little strange but just imagine having a doorstop that you find out 70 years later is actually from a world away. Well that is the story as sometime in the 1930s, a farmer found a 22.5 pound meteorite on his land near Edmore, Michigan. But instead of taking the meteorite to a lab or to someone that could figure out what it is, he used it as a doorstop. That's another good job for it, I guess.

But then in 1988, a guy from Grand Rapids became the new owner of the farm. That's where the story gets good as according to the Detroit Free Press, the previous owner actually knew it was a meteorite! The old owner told the new guy somebody had dug it up out of it's crater, right after it came down. You know cause who doesn't want a piece of a giant space rock.

So after all of the news about the meteor that came down in Livingston County last January, the new owner decided his doorstop might be worth something. He took it to CMU for testing and they got excited, which then sent it to the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. After the Smithsonian analyzed it, they confirmed - it's the sixth largest meteorite to ever be found in Michigan. The price of this meteor.......oh about $100,000!

Check out the full story here, and maybe if you have an interesting rock or doorstop maybe you should get it checked out.

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