What's better than spending time with family, eating a bunch, then shopping for the next big holiday. Nothing. But what can make it even better is with lower gas prices.

The average gas price across the state on Wednesday, Nov. 25, is $1.86 a gallon, according to gasbuddy.com, with one station in Ypsilanti pricing it at $1.49.

Prices are as low as $1.55 in Detroit, $1.57 per gallon in Kalamazoo, $1.63 in Grand Rapids, $1.65 in Flint, $1.69 in Saginaw, $1.73 in Bay City, $1.76 in Muskegon, $1.77 in Jackson.

Unfortunately for us living in the cap city its $1.84 but still great as the price will drop again later in the week analysis says. So make sure to fill up your tank today and enjoy these low prices.

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