The owner of Williamston's Admiral gas station wrote an editorial that was published on on Tuesday, to calm concerns about using credit cards at the pump in Williamston, and using credit cards in Williamston in general.

Sky Cheney, owner of Williamston's Admiral, explains that a story for NBC Nightly News was filmed at the Williamston Admiral in partnership with the State of Michigan, Department of Agriculture, Weights and Measures Division.

In the piece which was intended to show how the problem has grown and what consumers should look for, omitted and altered portions gave the impression to viewers that Williamston is a hot bed of crime, particularly skimmers at local gas pumps.  For Sky Cheney's Admiral that was featured in the piece, the misleading report is particularly damaging.

Cheney noted "Williamston may be one of the safest places in the state to use your credit card. Why? Because Williamston is the home to the Department of Weights and Measures who actively looks to stop credit card skimmers in gas pumps."

Read the entire letter here.