If you listen to classical, you make BANK? If you listen to country, you're at the bottom of the pile. With even less cash? Sounds very stereotypical. Rich and snooty, you listen to classical. Blue collar and salt of the earth, you make the least and have financial insecurity. A study/survey from TDAmeritrade says these are facts!

The survey questioned 1,500 millennials, although the company believes their findings hold true for all age groups, and found that those who listen to classical music are likely to make more than $114,000 a year. What’s more, they’re likely to feel more financially secure and better set for retirement than fans of other musical genres.

Overall, the survey found the following incomes for each music genre:

  • Classical – $114,000
  • Electronic – $92,000
  • Rap/Hip-hop – $69,000
  • ’80s/’90s – $67,000
  • Hard rock – $65,000
  • Pop/Top 40 – $61,000
  • Country – $58,000

With country music fans having the lowest incomes, the survey finds they also have the least financial security. Researchers suggest it is likely because they come from rural and less affluent areas.

Source: New York Post

Sorry. This is a little biased and stereotypical for me. The rich set listen to classical? The EDM crowd is pulling down $90K? I know some country loving folks with a ton of expendable cash and some pretty nice toys that appear to make SIX figures. Based on a survey of 1,500 millennials...I think they got it wrong. And, not only is it stereotyping, it's also a little insulting.

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