I've been in Michigan for two falls now and I can say that Fall in Michigan is beautiful, espacially before winter comes in and you can enjoy those 40 degree days and see the Fall colors. Over the next few weeks I'll point out some places and things you need to check out during Fall in Michigan cause it only lasts a few weeks!

First, if you’ve never taken a drive through the Tunnel of Trees, you’re absolutely missing out on one of Michigan’s hidden gems. Stretching along M-119 from Harbor Springs to Cross Village, this winding road takes drivers under seemingly endless fall foliage and alongside the gorgeous shores of the Great Lakes.

If you are someone that hasn't driven on this before here are a few things to know:

  • To find it from Lansing there are few ways to get there, whether you take US-127 TO 75N or just hop on 75N, it will probably take you between 3.5 and 4.5 hours.
  • Also when you get on the Trail through the Tunnel of Trees, drive slowly as it is a small road and cars will be going both ways.
  • Make sure to use the rest stops or areas where you can pull over and take some pictures or just bask in the glory of Michigan in the Fall.

If you need a little preview here is one below.



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