Checking out The Warren Dunes  is something you can check out all year and it might be a perfect time cause not many people will go to the beach in the fall.

Warren Dunes is a state park located  on Lake Michigan in the Southwest corner of Michigan. The park is so beautiful with it's three miles of shoreline, six miles of hiking trails and is open year-round. It also has a dune formation that rises 260 feet above, named Tower Hill, which you can climb if you can. In addition, the lake has spectacular views and 1,952 acres of recreational space.

The park contains 2 main campgrounds: Warren Dunes Modern and Warren Dunes Semi-Modern. Warren Dunes Modern has almost 200 campsites and is on the inland side of the dunes so the beach is just a short walk. Warren Dunes Semi-Modern has a bit more character to it but it is smaller so know that if you are planning on camping there. The camp sites also vary in terms of privacy so if you are looking for some privacy plan ahead otherwise you will be camping near another family. The good thing about visiting this park in the fall is to avoid the crowded beaches that you usually see during the summer months. This will leave you with a nice walk on the beach or a free climb up one of the dunes.

You can see more about the Warren Dunes here, courtesy of the Michigan DNR. 

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