It's a new month, and if you are looking for what to buy to kick off the month I have your buys and no buys for this month. First, as always, some of these buys and no buys are going to be relevant for a certain time in the month, so be aware of that. In addition, all of the buys and no buys come from Nerd Wallet, which is an online financial site.

Let's kick it off with what to buy in March.

  • St. Patrick Day stuff/sales. You will see major retailers like JCPenney and online retailers like Amazon have discounted St. Patrick’s Day essentials in the days leading up to the holiday, and they also have sales too. But a note about any holiday: the longer you wait to shop the better because even though the selection might be lower, the sales could be bigger. So if you are looking for extra green stuff through the year, this is the time to buy.
  • Floor Sample Mattresses. This is going to sound weird, but new mattresses usually arrive in stores in the spring, which makes the old mattresses potentially more affordable. As long as you don't care about the model of the mattress, you can score a great discount on the mattresses that have been shown and tested on the sales floor.
  • Tax Software. Tax day is about six weeks away, and if you are looking for a deal on tax software, check retailers as they probably have a sale on tax-prep software.

Now that we know what to buy, here are the things to avoid buying this month.

  • Televisions. You missed the boat on buying one last month. Retailers usually have big savings leading up to the Super Bowl, so now is not the time to get one. But heads up, if you can wait until July, that is the next best time to get savings on a new TV.
  • Clothes. The first day of spring is approaching, but before you get ready to buy spring clothes, you might want to wait. Retailers usually over price new items (like spring clothing right before the season starts). The best thing to do would be to get your closet clean and start stocking up with cold weather clothing now as retailers will be looking to get rid of it before the spring season hits.
  • Furniture. March isn't known as being a time to grab furniture, so you may want to wait until Memorial Day or Labor Day sales to grab some new furniture for your place.

You can see more about saving money here, from Nerd Wallet.

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