More often than not, my mashed potatoes turn out more like cream of wheat.

Meals: an old favorite in our house is "Famous Bowl," a concoction comprised of mashed potatoes, popcorn chicken, corn, gravy and cheese, created by the culinary geniuses at KFC.  All the ingredients work together to create a delicious dish that is probably the worst thing one could eat.  But I digress...

Sure, you can go buy a bowl of "Famous Bowl" for $5 or you can make enough for a family of five for about $10.  (The most expensive ingredient is the chicken.)  For us, we always look for the cheapest most economically sensible route.  Besides, the closest KFC to us is a solid 20 minutes away.

It's not a difficult dish to make at all, but even for a well-trained "Faux-mous Bowl" professional chef like yours truly, every now and then (every time I make the dish) things can go a little awry.

Suffice it to say, it was more like chicken soup tonight.