We are always talking about Lansing and what new things to see or do, but what about the other towns? There are so many towns/villages in our area that most people will reference the same few ones all of the time. But I'm looking to spotlight the towns that you might pass while driving on the highway that you've always wondered about but never been to.

Let me give you an example. This small town has a lake in it and its name. It is between Jackson and Leslie. Got any guesses yet? It's Pleasant Lake. This small underrated town has a lot of outdoor activities like water sports (because of the lake), as well as a golf course. They do have a small downtown area, but the town is all about the lake, which still makes it great.

Another underrated town picked by me is Portland. Portland is kind of like Pleasant Lake but instead of a lake they have the Grand River and the Looking Glass River meet there. Along with the plenty of water sport areas, there are several parks as well as a fairly large game area for hunters. Plus they have an area of downtown with great views of the river. It will make you think you are in Lansing.

There are my two picks. What is your pick for most underrated city in the Lansing area? Tell me by using the "CHAT" feature on our app (link below) or by going to our Facebook.

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