The community of Eaton Rapids wants answers as to why a beloved police officer was released from the force, and some people have taken their demands to the streets.

Residents are protesting the officer's firing, according to WILX-TV.

"The town is very upset about what is happening here so we couldn't sit down and let it happen" protest organizer, Traci Lawson, told WILX.

The situation reportedly stems from mistreatment Kirby endured after reporting sexual harassment.  She was placed on a two-day leave after asking city council members to investigate.  When she returned to work, she was fired.

Eaton Rapids Mayor, Steven Platte, issued the following statement:

"Any public opinion at this time is premature in that the pertinent facts of the case cannot be made known. This is a personnel matter with contractual ramifications. The City Council and administrative staff cannot discuss this matter publicly or with the media for legal and privacy reasons.  Out of respect for the individuals involved, this matter will remain confidential until such time that further details can be released."

WILX reports the Eaton Rapids City Council is expected to address Kirby's reinstatement in the coming weeks.