It's not a trick question and not even slightly dirty so relax.

Dirty, no. Refreshing and tasty, maybe.

Depends on if you take yours loaded or not.

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The Michigan Hummer and Boston Cooler have at least three things in common.

  1. They are both Michigan favorites (but how can that be if you don't know what they are).
  2. They are both drinks (one alcoholic & the other is not).
  3. They both have vanilla ice cream as a core ingredient.

Let's start with the fabled Michigan Hummer.

Apparently this is the official cocktail of Michigan? And I want to argue that point because in my notorious drinking career (that has been certified official as a student at CMU) I've never heard of it or had one. But apparently, it is indeed official.

Michigan's unequivocal signature drink is the hummer. Created by Jerome Adams in 1968 in Detroit at the Bayview Yacht Club, the hummer is made with white rum, Kahlua, and two scoops of vanilla ice cream, according to Punch Drink.

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I have drank A LOT in Detroit BACK IN THE DAY. But I have never had the dubious pleasure nor was this ever offered up to me at many of the fine establishments I visited.

If you're of age, grab your ingredients and get to blending.


3-5 ice cubes
1½ ounces of light rum (Adams likes Bacardi or Castillo)
1½ ounces Kahlúa coffee-flavored liqueur
2 scoops of good-quality vanilla ice cream (half-and-half with a few drops of vanilla flavoring can be substituted)


Place all ingredients in a blender. Mix, pour, drink, and start humming. (Hour Detroit)

Let take a look at the non-alcoholic Michigan favorite that's got a very Massachusetts name.

Behold The Boston Cooler.

It's so Michigan it's got Vernor's in it AND ice cream.

But why Boston?

The word about town says that the Boston cooler got its name from Detroit’s Boston Boulevard and its proximity to Dr. Vernor’s original soda fountain. Others connect the name to Detroit’s Boston Edison neighborhood. Both theories have their skeptics.  (DetroitIsIt)

And while some folks say it's a float and can be made as such, a true Boston Cooler is more blended vanilla ice cream and Vernors.

Though you can make it as a float, with the ice cream on top, the traditional Boston Cooler is blended like a milkshake. What’s not up for debate: the kind of ginger ale. It must always be Vernors, a Detroit-based brand that’s been around since the late 19th century. (AtlasObscura)

Boston Cooler

Makes: 1 / Preparation time: 10 minutes / Total time: 10 minutes

The Boston Cooler was named after Detroit’s Boston Boulevard. It’s simply a mix of vanilla ice cream and Vernors.

1 cup icy cold Vernors

2-3 small scoops of well-softened (or soft serve) vanilla ice cream

In a tall, well-chilled glass, blend together the Vernors with the ice cream. The mixture can be a little chunky so it holds its frothy texture. You can use a blender, but you might lose some of the fizz. Serve immediately. (Freep)

Next time you're at the store, take this list with you. You can make both. One for the kids and one for you.

Enjoy tasting Pure Michigan even though one of them is clearly called Boston for reasons that no one is really sure of.

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