Oh I am SO excited for Warped Tour tomorrow in Auburn Hills! I'm excited to check out a ton of bands, but here are my top picks:

  1. Bowling For Soup - LOVE THESE GUYS! And Throwback Thursday to that one time I danced onstage with them as their 'Wena' at The Small Planet!
  2. Echosmith- I seriously am IN LOVE with this band! They have been the band to watch at Warped for the past two years and I cannot wait to see them live again this year.
  3. We The Kings- These guys are just my buds and I love them so much! And they are still one of my favorite bands ever!
  4. Cute is What we Aim For- One I've seen them a few years live now and love them, plus my good friend and Jackson native Seth Van Dusen just started playing bass for them this summer! So go watch a local on tour!
  5. The Ready Set - Jordan is awesome plus they've played several shows for 97.5 NOW FM!