Prepare your inner child for this West Michigan home.

It does need a little bit of TLC, but could you imagine driving up to this home and being able to stay in it?

The cottage was originally built back in the 1800s and is better known as the Highland Park Castle.

Take a look and go back in time a little bit, and snap back while touring this Michigan castle. There's even a boardwalk you can take up to Lake Michigan from the home. Perfect for a summer getaway, or a year-round stay.

Take A Look Inside This West Michigan 'Castle'

Located in Highland Park, this Michigan home is a cottage out of the 1800's also known by the name of the Highland Park Castle. The home does need some love and TLC, however, could be the right project for the next house flipper....

With six bedrooms and four bathrooms. Take a look inside this Michigan Castle with us.

I'd have to say, this would be an interesting home, however, I can't say I'd want to own it.

I'm not one for buying items and flipping them for a better outcome. I'd rather move in and be settled and be able to sit back.

However, there are some out there who would rather buy a home much like this one and flip it into something better.

Have you ever visited or driven past the castle, or perhaps even stayed inside of it or owned it?

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What are your thoughts on this West Michigan castle?

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