Here's a strange place in Michigan that not only will mess with your mind but also mess with gravity, its called The Mystery Hill located in Onsted.

The Mystery Hill has been around since the 1950's and features a lot of great exhibits that are gonna mess with your mind as you try and figure them out. It's located in the Irish Hills (7611 US Hwy 12, Onsted, MI, Across from the entrance to Hayes State Park) which was also known for the many entertainment and attractions that were once there.

The attractions there will mess with your mind but its kinda like the Mystery Spot in the U.P with the angling of the building is the real reason for this. Some of the "weird" things you will see are things swinging in one direction only, water flowing up, and being able to balance on things that you thought you could never balance on before. Taking a trip to this Mystery Hill will be closer than the Mystery Spot so if you like strange and also like to try and figure out a magician's trick than this place is for you.

You can check out more on their website as well as get tickets to check it out here. 

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