So to continue weird events that happened in our state, this one comes from Jackson and has to do with a rooster, which was renamed Mr. Chicken. The renaming and all of the events that led to it, makes this extra weird.

To set the story it was December, 1996 and a rooster was left outside during a brutal Michigan winter storm. The rooster survived but his legs were frozen beyond repair. Instead of a veterinarian putting him down he was helped by one, Tim England. Tim named him "Mr. Chicken"; and had a physical therapist make a pair of acrylic legs and feet for the rooster that fit snugly over his stumps.

After the surgery, Mr. Chicken became a celebrity around the world, with stories in papers from America all the way to Africa. Mr. Chicken was put in the general population of chicken at his farm and it was going well for him for about 6 months. Then one morning, Dr. England woke up to see that Mr. Chicken was mauled to death overnight, as he tried to protect the others in his pen. Mr. Chicken died with his plastic legs on, so Dr. England buried him that way to always remember him. He also put a special grave and headstone so he will always be remembered as the only special needs chicken Dr. England has ever had.

You are able to visit the grave and headstone at Crossroads Animal Hospital (3232 N. Dettman Road in Jackson, MI). To read the full story on Mr. Chicken you can here, thanks to


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