You may be in school now looking to go to MSU or college in general, wherever you go for college just know that are some strange and usual classes, but sometimes they are the most fun. Here are a few courses according to Her Campus that I wish I wish I could've taken in college.

Exploring Wines and Vines: This is exactly what the name says it is. Yes, you do have to be 21, but you learn about wine on the culture, economy, ect. Plus you get to go on a trip to, I'm sure you can guess that.

Power Walking -  This might be not only helpful to your GPA (cause you can take it pass/fail and don't need prerequisites) but it could be helpful to your body as you will yes walk twice a week and learn about staying healthy as well.

Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse This is a summer online course that has actually made news cause it's almost like going into the TV show "The Walking Dead", but it simulates an Apocalyptic event. You are then put into a groups and try to survive it all while learning about how humans react to these event and how they can work together.