It's Three Question Thursday and, as always, I rolled out our Three Question Quiz (aka 3?Q).  But today's 3?Q may be the best one we've ever done, because not only did it include 'Weird Al', of whom I am a huge fan, but it also included Napoleon Dynamite, of whom I am also a huge fan.

Here's the Q+A -- apologies for getting distracted with video clips.  Enjoy!

1. 'Weird Al' is releasing a new video every day this week.  I've played three of his new songs so far.  Tell me what one of the three that I played parodies.

2. Cameron Diaz stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to compete in indoor what?

3. The cast of Napoleon Dynamite recently reunited to celebrate the film's 10th anniversary. At one point in the movie, when Napoleon asks his grandma what the heck there is to eat, she tells him to make himself a dang what?
QUESADILLA - pronouncing 'dilla' it as it's spelled