Super Bowl LIV is this Sunday. Millions will watch the game, millions will be bet on the game (millions will be lost) and millions of chicken wings and beers will be consumed. But, for me, the true stars of the Super Bowl (until the Lions get there or the Steelers get back to it) will be the TV commercials.

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Monday morning, there will be one or two that everybody will be talking about. But which one(s)? Thankfully, more and more spots get released online before the game, so you can watch them without your cousin interrupting during the game, while he shares his brilliant game analysis.

Thanks to AdWeek, they've posted most of the spots scheduled to air on Sunday. They estimate 50 spots will air during the game. They've posted 36, so - expect a few surprises. Of the ones I've seen shared so far, the Google spot is excellent, as is the Budweiser spot. I'm partial to the Budweiser spot because a friend of mine, Dan Dunlap, is voicing it. Of course, I think he nailed it.

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