Let the speculation begin.

The Lakers Jet. As in the Los Angeles Lakers Jet. In Lansing. At the airport this past weekend.

Was it? And if it was, why was it?

A little birdie tipped us off and someone got a shot of THE Lakers Jet at the Lansing Airport (Capitol Region International Airport) from this past weekend.

Credit: Jon Iversen
Credit: Jon Iversen

Wait a minute. That side says Dodgers on it?!?

So what gives? What do you know?

Los Angeles Lakers Media Day
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Well duh. Magic. The 6'9" Lansing native often returns home for a number of reasons. Number one being his folks. They still live here and word has it they are just a few miles away from the airport.

And while we're at it, that's not the Lakers Jet. That's Magic's personal jet.

According to our good buddy and pilot Jon Iverson who took the Dodger side picture of the jet, it's a Gulfstream 3 and you can tell it's Magic's because of the number on the tail #N32MJ.

So we know the who, but why?

Well the Spartans were bounced out of the tournament in the First Four. Could Magic be back to console Coach Izzo?

Maybe talk about this?

Bleacher Report via YouTube
Bleacher Report via YouTube

A confrontation between Tom Izzo and Gabe Brown has the Michigan State coach in a little bit of hot water.

Read More: Tom Izzo Under Fire After Grabbing A Player During NCAA Tournament Loss

Did you see it? We've got the video.

But Magic already spoke about that on Twitter.

Surely he didn't show up for a sit down with those two did he?

Or maybe he came to talk to this guy?

Could Magic be here doing some scouting? Giving some career advice?

Let's not forget, the man is a HUGE (and we're not just talking height here) business man. He owns a little of everything. He could be expanding his vast empire. With a net worth north of $600 million dollars he could be looking at some future investments.

Minnesota v Michigan State
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We'll keep digging. You keep speculating.

And as soon as you find out anything, hit us up on APP CHAT using the FREE 97.5 Now FM app.

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