This week we might see some record highs but it will change by the end of the week with temps dropping to freezing and thunderstorms.

Monday we felt high 50's but we will have 60 degree weather today and tomorrow. The record high temperature today in Lansing is 62 set in 1930. The record high today in Jackson is 64 also set in 1930. So we may be able to set a record today or tomorrow.

But we get into some strange weather Friday and this weekend. Friday we will see some clouds and rain coming in and it could be thunderstorms at times. After that Saturday and Sunday we should see Highs in 30's and could be having a snow shower or two on this weekend.  Also we with those highs in the 30's, low temps will be around the teens.

So enjoy wearing those shorts for the next couple of days. To see the full forecast WILX has it here. 


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