Almost every store that you go to now-a-days has an intercom system, and they're typically playing some kind of music.

If you listen very closely, between the chaos in the aisles, and the ads they play on a loop, you may hear employees paging each other over the PA system. While most don't pay attention to it, that could end up saving your life.

What To Do When A 'Code Brown' Is Called At Walmart

It's a very interesting color for this specific message. You may think it means that some had a brown kind of issue in their pants, on the floor, or even on the walls.
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Trust me, if you worked in retail, you sometimes found things in the oddest places. People can be gross. But, a code brown at Walmart, isn't what you think.

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A 'Code Brown' at the Walmart chains, signifies that of an active shooter inside of the store. With mass shootings happening more and more in public places, the store staff needed a way to communicate with each other without causing mass panic.

Walmart's Other Codes

Every store has codewords (or at least the major ones do). They're meant to help keep shoppers calm while there may be an active situation that could cause panic.

Whether it be a medical emergency, a fire, or even a missing kid, stores have certain codes to help signal employees to be on the alert for a possible threat or issue happening in the store.

Learn your Walmart codes below.

Michigan Walmart Codes

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