Voting is part of doing our civic duty and while it can get a bit complicated, you want to make sure your vote counts!

I'm not here to tell you how to vote or who to vote for or even to vote, it definitely is not anybody's job but yours to make those decisions. We're all adults here.

However, this year has more people who have never voted using an absentee ballot before applying to do so.

Back in college, and the 2016 election, I remember so many of my friends voting absentee. I was stupid and did not plan ahead or apply for it in time and ended up having to drive the two-and-a-half hours home to vote.

It was my very first election being able to vote in and that was powerful in itself. It made me realize something I still believe to this day, voting is one of the only ways to directly impact any change you want to see.

Also, if nothing else for you, voting comes with fun little stickers you can use to silently brag all day!

Of course, voting absentee is a bit of a different process than physically going to your polling location, so here are some steps to take to avoid making common mistakes MLive says can make your ballot not count:

Making Your Absentee Ballot Count

Hopefully at least some part of this helps you in your decision or in the process of filling out your absentee ballot if that is the method you choose for this election.

Happy voting!

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