These days, there are way too many things for people to disagree on, or even find in common.....but there are still plenty if you look and think hard enough.

It may sound trivial, it may sound like a throwaway, but one thing we all love are stores and shops. Sounds kind of bland, I know, but these are things we do take for granted. They have been major parts of our entire lives. We need to go to the store, we want to go to the store, we have to go to the store, we enjoy going to the store!

Grocery stores, mom & pop shops, hardware, drug, department, matter what you need, there is a shop for it. The smaller, the better. Those are the ones that carry the most character and personality. Many of the shops you loved as a kid are gone. Many of them you love as an adult have also gone by the wayside. The ones you visit now don't have that same feel to them, than the ones you grew up with. It's just that simple.

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My favorite was our local sweet shop. Shelves full of unwrapped candy and gum, a lunch counter with sandwiches, ice cream sodas, and pop. Racks of comic books, rock 'n roll records (albums and singles), monster magazines, music magazines, and various flavors of soda pop in a cooler. Loved it. And there has not been another one around since that could beat it.

The gallery below shows some of the old Lansing stores and shops, all gone by the wayside...disappeared.....closed. See how many you remember (if any)!

Vintage Lansing Shops & Stores

Abandoned House Apartments, Lansing

Lansing Miscellaneous Part 3

Lansing Graffiti

Vintage Okemos

Miscellaneous Lansing 4

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