It's been a week since Memorial Day. And in just seven days a country already on the edge about the Coronavirus has erupted in protests and demonstrations.

Seven days.

And just one week ago to the day, the events that happened in Minneapolis to George Floyd have lead us here.

Nationwide. The unrest has taken on several forms. Some peaceful. Others, angry and violent.

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But once again, our own state capital is in the headlines. And another protest is right at the heart of it.

Just a few weeks ago, protests about the Governor and her tyranny over Stay Home Stay Safe mandates.

Last night, what started as peaceful demonstrations about police violence and brutality turned violent and ugly.

Property was damaged, windows were smashed, cars were flipped. Reports and video of a woman trying to drive through the crowd.

We could tell you more but we've put the videos below for you to see for yourself.

There are cleanup efforts happening today at 9:30 downtown. Read more about that below.

It all starts at 9:30 am. Address is 401 S. Washington Sq. Please help if you can. Let's heal together. That's the only way we're going to get through all of this.

And more on the story from our broadcast partners at WILX New 10.

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