I don't disagree with anything Michael Moore says in a new 'morning after to-do list.'  His prediction that Trump would win the Presidency was accurate as was his reasoning, and what he says Americans need to do to save the Democratic party -- I believe -- is a solid plan.  Read more about it on The Guardian.

LISTEN: Months before the election, Moore explained in detail why, and how, Trump would win.  [WARNING: LANGUAGE]

I'm not particularly supportive of his encouragement of Americans that are upset with the Trump victory to keep repeating that "Hillary won the popular vote."

While it is true, she did win the popular vote, it was by a small amount.  The popular vote was split down the middle by a margin of less than 250,000 people in this election.  Moore's reasoning is to remind ourselves and others that America isn't as screwed up as it may seem.  You can decide how to interpret all of this on your own.

My biggest issue with that narrative, however, is that it is divisive.  Now, more than ever, we need to spend more time seeking out the ways that we are the same, not the ways that we are different.