Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Would you stand in a rodeo pen? And pretty much stand in place in a circle drawn in the dirt. Oh, and while you're there (don't move out of that circle now), try to grab a $100 bill tied to a full on raging bull running past (and probably over and through) you.

Now mind you, the people who are participating in this are NORMAL FOLKS. Not real cowboys or bull riders.

This is "Cowboy Pinball" at a rodeo event called Bull Bash in Kentucky.


A picture is worth a thousand words but a video is priceless. Mind you it will be very disturbing to some so we warn you ahead of time. There are two bulls in the video. The first one actually wasn't that bad and ran past folks. They subbed him out. And if you want to get to the meat and potatoes of this thing, fast forward to about the 5:00 mark.


(Video: Eyewitness News WEHT WTVW via YouTube)

BTW, these folks signed a waiver to do this. Several were injured.

The full story here from our friends at WILX.

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