So there you are. It's Tuesday. About lunch time. You're having a late breakfast or brunch at Lansing's legendary Fleetwood Diner. You're enjoying their signature "Hippie Hash" and a bus pulls up. Not just any bus. It's got the President & Vice President's face on the side of it. And who comes walking through the door?

Credit: Calm Down via YouTube
Credit: Calm Down via YouTube

None other than VP Mike Pence himself.

Vice President Mike Pence was spotted at the Fleetwood Diner during his busy trip to Mid-Michigan.

But Pence isn't here to just sample some hippie hash. Asides from greeting and surprising local diners, Pence gave a speech at the Lansing Center addressing the Michigan Farm Bureau Legislative Seminar. Pence's itinerary will also take him to Troy for a Keep America Great event at the Detroit Marriott hotel. (City Pulse)

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And amazingly enough, folks had pretty unprecedented access to the man next in line in case something happens to the president. As noted by this video from a gentleman who thought it was President Trump who was at The Fleetwood, only to have the VP walk right in front of him.

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