Now that it is a new holiday that means new scams come up. The Better Business Bureau is warning online daters about Valentine's Day-related scams.

  • Phishing emails that get victims to give up your credit card info. "Catfish" is ofcourse that popular MTV show in which most of the time people get conned by people they fell in love with online. This escalates most of the time, to the victim sending money and not getting anything in return.
  • Package delivery services that ask for personal info.
  • Also when getting on Dating site make sure the site has you confirm you are real.
  • If you meet someone on a site, and they tell you get off the site to another one it may also be a scam.
  • When it comes to online dating, the BBB warns against those who ask to use personal emails or phone numbers immediately, immediate claims of being in love, those claiming to be in the U.S. but traveling abroad and requests to wire money.

Some ways to protect yourself are to not give out your personal information to anyone online, which should be known already. But also don't send money to people you don't know so well, especially a wire transfer as personal info is stolen easier that way.

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