You've probably heard Caddy & I talk about how I'm not the biggest fan of Valentine's Day. I don't have anything against the holiday and it doesn't bother me that other people dig it. I just think it's a bit overrated and it turns out I'm not alone.

A new poll from YouGov found that a majority of us think Valentine's Day is celebrated because we feel pressured. Only about 28% of us celebrate it because we believe it's a "real" special occasion.

Do you think that men or women are more likely to find it as a "real" special occasion? This one surprised me, men we're more likely than women. It wasn't a huge difference, 30% of men felt it was a special occasion and 25% of women agreed. But a majority of us feel differently, 58% of women and 56% of men believe it's only celebrated because of "pressure from commercial entities."

Even though most of us feel like it isn't a legitimate holiday, 57% of us still enjoy Valentine's Day. Only 14% of us aren't a fan and 26% don't have an opinion.

I've always found Valentine's Day a bit overrated. Sure, it's nice to get flowers or chocolate every now and then to be reminded that you're loved. But why do we need a specific day to do that? To me, it would mean more if it was a random day of the week. That's a nice reminder that your partner was thinking of you and didn't do it because it's a holiday.

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