The State of Michigan has recovered its drone. The drone that was taken DOWN by a Yooper bald eagle, with talons of steel and lasers shooting out his eyes. At least that's how I will tell the story to wide-eyed children, when I'm asked to speak about Michigan history to home-schoolers.

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According to Fox23 - out of Oklahoma (?) the state finally recovered the drone easily, when the water where it went down cleared up due to shifting wind currents. The drone was relatively undamaged, except for the loss of one propeller, bitten off and spit out (I assume) by the eagle. Perhaps the drone will fly again - but in the future, nervously look out the corner of its camera eye for a blur of brown and white.

The project's Unmanned Aircraft Systems Coordinator, Arthur Ostaszewsk said in a press release,

As a practical matter, it's best we not ruffle anymore feathers," said Ostaszewski. "As noted animal behaviorist Dr. Temple Grandin eloquently said, 'Nature is cruel, but we don't have to be. We owe them some respect.

That's right. Don't mess with Yooper Eagle.

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