Normally, you would think if someone is misbehaving at a live event like a concert, football game, etc. that security would just escort them out.

However, when watching the University of Michigan Wolverines play at home, it turns out "The Big House" actually has, well a "big house" on site!

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What it is & Where

So, according to MLive, it is actually more of a "holding facility" but is located just outside of the stadium.

"Hidden in plain sight on the outer edges of the concourse, many fans aren’t aware of its existence," MLive reports, "But some end up there during Michigan football home games."

It is located at the stadium's northwest corner and while it is close to the student section, they claim it wasn't for any "particular reason" (sure, we'll go with that).

They say it was added along with stadium renovations back in 2010 to be a "safer, more efficient method for processing rule-breakers."

How To End Up in the "Little Big House"

Normally how-to's are fun but this one, not so much.

There are plenty of things you are allowed to do at Michigan Stadium, but, of course, there are things you can't. CLICK HERE for a look at the rules at The Big House.

According to MLive, there have been a total of 21 people ejected from University of Michigan home games this season but only a total of three of them were actually arrested.

They say the most common charges people face are: "possession of alcohol, disorderly conduct, and fans attempting to use someone else’s student ID to gain entry." All of which are not surprising and probably commonplace among college football stadiums everywhere.

Though they do mention not every person arrested actually does go to the "jail."

How It Works If You End Up There

So, the building is just one-story tall and, per MLive, there are holding rooms where males and females are held separately.

While your stay there is temporary, you can't expect to know exactly how long you will be in for.

According to MLive, the county jail could be your next stop...or the medical facility depending on what you did to get yourself in there.

CLICK HERE for more specifics on how the Ann Arbor Police, Pittsfield Township Police, Washtenaw County Sheriffs, Michigan State Police, FBI, and Detroit and Southeastern Michigan Information and Intelligence Center all work to keep people safe at the Big House...and how people end up in "the little big house."

Now only one question remains, do any other college football stadiums have something like this? Let us know!

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