I-69 has had some problems lately with the road buckling and becoming dangerous for drivers, and has had to be repaired three times in the last week. I-69 has had issues in Charlotte twice this last week and both in the same spot, with the heat to blame. It also happened on July 4th in Lansing on I-69 closing down a lane for most of the day until repairs were done.

In Charlotte, MDOT crews were called to I-69 in Eaton County on Saturday for a second time in the weekend as extreme heat caused the roadway to buckle. The road was closed on the northbound lanes of I-69 near Cochran Road around 5:30 p.m. Sunday. There were reports of some vehicle damage but no one was hurt and now the road is back to normal. You can see more about it here. 

In Lansing, in the afternoon of July 4th eastbound lane of 496 between Washington and Grand was closed because of buckling and that exit 7 leading to eastbound 496 was closed, as well. MDOT crews were on the scene fixing it and it did cause a slight back up on the road but it is now alright, more on it here.

With more high temperatures coming the rest of the summer, just make sure to watch out for road closures and detours coming up.

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