WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property. 

Tuscola is a hidden village a few miles east of Frankenmuth along the Cass River, down E. Tuscola Road (which runs into Van Cleve) in Tuscola County. Tuscola is another small Michigan town that sometimes doesn't show up on maps or Google...but the people of Tuscola are proud of their town and pleased to live/have lived there.

The unique little church building pictured here has been multi-purpose over the years. It was obviously built as a church, but after changing hands over the decades, it has been many other things as well.

According to past & present residents, the former church has been used over the years as:

Also, there's a white building behind the former church that was once a school...the students there would have their school plays performed in the church.

The residents say there were only two churches in Tuscola at one time...but thanks to World War II, the Tuscola population became heavily reduced --- enough so that the two churches wound up combining into just one; that church today is called the Tuscola Community Church located on Church Street, about a block and a half northwest of the old church building. However, there is another one, the River of Life Assembly of God on Van Cleve Rd.

The old church - located on Taylor Road, north of Van Cleve - makes a great stop for a photo op as part of your summer Michigan roadtrip. The old church has been there for many, many years...but you never know if & when some hotshot will decide to tear it down instead of preserve it...so get there while you can and get your pictures soon. It's cool!


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