Some friends of mine had a baby last week. They named her Imogene Rose. It is not for me to decide what someone names their kid. After all, I have a nephew named Maverick. I often wonder if a name causes some undo pressure or potential conflict.

The choice of name is up to the parents, but be careful. Your kid might one day regret being named after a fruit or your favorite car. Just saying. That being said, it does look like the traditional names are making a return to the mitten. According to, these are the most popular names for Michigan newborns:

Oliver, Liam, Noah, Jack, Benjamin, and William to name a few for the boys. On the girls' side, you are looking at Amelia, Charlotte, Olivia, Emma, Evelyn, and Eleanor.

If you are trying to name your kid something that is really beautiful to pronounce, has a list for that. It is crazy how times have changed. A few years ago if someone told you their name was Eleanor, you might expect them to be elderly.  I do think it is cool that traditional is making a comeback. The world we live in is so critical. I feel like naming your kid something off the wall can lead to potential bullying. No one wants that. At the same time, to each their own. You do you. I mean if we are being honest, I still have resentment that my parents failed to name me Fireboy DML or at the very least Han Solo.


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