Well... last week it was Josh Strickland and this week the bug seems to have caught me! Now here's the thing, when I get sick I revert back to 5 year old me and turn into a HUGE baby.

Like, to the point where I debated driving back to Alabama today just so I could go lay my head in my grandma's lap and eat some of her home made soup. But instead I'll just be a big baby to my boyfriend and let him put up with the 5 year old version of me!

With the weather like it is and with how many people have been sick at work lately, I'm sure at some point or another your significant other will get sick, so I've compiled a list of nice things you can do for them while they are snot nosed and whiny!

  • Speaking of care package, bring MOVIES! or a few seasons of her favorite TV shows. I can vouch laying at home today on my couch with only a few TV channels got pretty boring... and there's only so much Netflix you can watch before seeing all the good stuff.
  • Speaking of feet, foot rubs are always great when sick. Or any kind of rub! I personally like to lay my head on my grandma's lap and have my head pet while I watch TV/ fall asleep. Just baby me period and rub my sick flu achy body all over please!
  • Offer to do her dishes. So simple but so simply underrated. I just realized how many bowls I went through and coffee mugs while stuffing my face with comfort food all day and I had NO energy to clean up all the dishes I messed up today. My coffee table is currently a wonderful buffet of empty food crusted dishes that was what I like to call chicken tissue soup.
  • Check up on your sick partner! A simple text of 'hi how are you feeling?' and 'Can I get you anything?' can go a really long way!
  • Have any favorite things you like when you are sick? Or any remedies you have for things that ail you? Comment below! I may adopt some of your strategies to make me feel better while I lay on my couch and continue to whine and be a big baby!