Meet my new favorite people in the world -  My Crazy Girlfriend! Like seriously, a normal radio interview is typically 3-5 minutes for me, we had so much fun the interview lasted 14 minutes and we still goofed off for an hour when they were at the station!

Here's the Top 5 things I learned about them that I LOVE, and you should probably just listen to the full interview below because they are absolutely amazing!

Alabama and Cosmo
  • The were all doing their own solo stuff and helping each other out with their music before finally deciding to become a band and form My Crazy Girlfriend.
  • They were almost stuck in a tornado in Alabama (my home state!) while on tour.
  • Justyn and Bennett have produced music with Bruno Mars and Ke$ha before.
  • They lived across the street from Capitol Records (where they are now currently signed) and used to watch the building imagining what it'd be like to be there.