With 2017 under way if you are a life long Michigander you have probably seen everything you can in this awesome state, but if you haven't here's more places you have to check this year.

  1. Belle Isle - This gorgeous island park in Detroit is absolutely one-of-a-kind with tons of great scenery and an aquarium.
  2. Detroit Institute of Art - This is good during all times of the year and its in doors!
  3. The Irish Hills
  4. Torch Lake - The water is so clear, but better wait on this one till the summer.
  5. Ocqueoc Falls - You can camp right next to a waterfall!
  6. Fisherman’s Island State Park
  7. The Antlers Restaurant - Travel to Sault Ste. Marie and dine at this one-of-a-kind restaurant, with even more interesting wall decoration.
  8. Blackrocks, Marquette
  9. Canyon Falls and Gorge -  It's called the “Grand Canyon of Michigan" for a reason
  10. Curwood Castle - Tons of history in this Owosso castle.
  11. Greenfield Village
  12. Arcadia Dunes
  13. Dinosaur Gardens Prehistoric Zoo - In Ossineke and it has exactly what the name says, but these dinosaurs are very lifelike.
  14. Tunnel of Trees - If you missed it this fall you can check out all of the colors this summer and fall.
  15. Zehnder’s of Frankenmuth - This is fun to do all year, espacially during the holidays. Just make sure you have an appetite.
  16. Torch Lake
  17. Doc Sweets’ Candy Company - Huge Candy shop in Clawson. Sweet tooths are welcome!
  18. Traverse City Fairy Trails
  19. Sherman Dairy Bar - Travel to South Haven for these treats.
  20. Caboose Inn, South Haven - Spend the night in a train car.

To check out more about these places check it out here. 

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