So I got a new Kia Optima (Hybrid) last week and spent a good 22 hours in it this week driving to Alabama and back and we got REAL close so I thought I'd share what's so awesome about this car.

  1. The gas mileage is AWESOME! I've never had a hybrid before but here's the difference in my wallet.... in my Kia Forte it cost me $80 to get from Lansing Michigan to Birmingham Alabama in gas... now in my optima it cost me $60... so I save $40 round trip... that is AWESOME!
  2. The cup holders are convenient for my coffee mugs! There's a little space where the handles fit.
  3. The blue tooth feature... of course this is my favorite because I blue tooth my ipod and stream 97.5 via Radio Pup when I drive home. (and it's cool for phone calls)
  4. The reverse cameras- These are cool because you can see where you are backing up, and I NEED these because I've backed into quite a few trash cans, mailboxes, and boyfriend's cars in my day...
  5. Space - it's way roomier inside and I love it!
  6. Spy Car - The more I look at it I call it my spy car because it just looks awesome and it feels like I'm driving a spy car
  7. Rides easy - yes, I've caught myself a few times looking down at the speedometer and not realizing that I was driving 90 miles an hour because the car rides so smoothly! I don't recommend speeding, I will not pay for your ticket!
  8. Heat/Air Functions - omg, you can adjust the passenger side temperature separately from the driver side temperature which is AWESOME because now I don't have to fight with the person I'm riding with over being too hot or cold!
  9. Jukebox - you can actually record songs from your ipod or cd to your car and it will be saved in the memory of your car! I'm a music freak so this is AWESOME
  10. Push Button Start - I'm not sure why I like this better, but for some reason not having to deal with a handful of keys seems awesome to me so I like it.

So, if you want to come test drive a Kia Optima for yourself, I'll be hanging out at Kia of Jackson on 3500 Page Avenue tomorrow (Friday the 28th) from 11am-1pm for the Move the Metal Madness Sale!