Selena Gomez, looking ravishing in a red pantsuit while delivering a heartfelt speech to 16,000 students and educators at We Day (March 26) in California, inspired her Selenators with her words about not giving up on dreams. She also broke down, admitting she lost sight of herself when she changed for others. It was an honest, emotional eight-minute speech.

The adorbs singer first said that she is not changing the world and she hasn't lead any campaigns, and while she doesn't like opening up to the press, she does love direct honesty with her fans. That's the best kind!

In the speech, she spoke about her mother having her at age 16 and working four jobs, dedicating her life to making Selena's that much better. She also recalled the time a casting director told her at the age of 11 (!!!) that she was not strong enough to carry her own show.

Wow! That person had no clue, since Sel has gone on to be one of the biggest successes of her generation. Sel explained that such criticisms can crush a person, and it almost did for her. But her mother told her to always trust herself and to continue doing that which she loved.

Two years later, she got her own show.

"I thought about what my mom said, and I realized if I didn't believe I could do it, I wouldn't be here," she said. "I live a blessed life. I have so much to be thankful for. I don't think you get it or maybe you are not told enough, but you inspire me to be better. We should inspire each other to be better."

She spoke about the brutal pressure she feels when handlers tell her she has to be cute, sexy and nice, and she knows that her Selenators are dealing with their own unique pressures.

The singer and actress got choked up at the 5:15 marker, which made us think that perhaps she was referencing her recent trip to rehab.

"I have given into pressure and I lost sight of who I was," she confessed, her voice cracking. "I listened to opinions of others and I tried to change who I am because I thought others would accept me for it and I realized I don't know how to be anything but myself. All I want you to know is that you are changing the world. I am not changing the world. You are and that's amazing. Please be kind to each other and love and inspire people."

Selena Gomez really pulled back the curtain and shared a piece of her heart.