Imagine. A pill. Made by a Michigan scientist. That is pretty much pure CBD. You put it under you tongue. It dissolves. And in five minutes, if you were too high, this "PARACHUTE" will help to bring you down to safety.

Meet Steve Goldner, founder of Pure Green. This dude has got some history. As a matter of fact, he's the guy who co-invented liquid methadone in the 1970s.

(Video: Pure Green via YouTube)

He's got a new line of medical cannabis products in Michigan.

And among them, "Parachute". And it's supposed to help you come down if you get too high. Especially off of edibles.

"People take edibles and then they get too high -- it can be pretty dreadful," said Steve Goldner, founder of Pure Green. "CBD is a tremendous ameliorator." (MLive)

Find Pure Green online here for more info. You can find his products in the Mid-Michigan area.

Story source credit: MLive

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