So... I guess National Hot Dog Day changes annually. And even though this year, the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (yes, there is a council just for hot dogs and sausages) decided that July 14th was National Hot Dog Day, many restaurants will be celebrating it this Saturday, July 23rd, instead (the day it was held last year).

How will you be celebrating this auspicious day? Personally, I like my dogs cooked on a charcoal grill or over a camp fire... that's when pick up some of the best flavor! I also like to try cool twists on a classic hot dog. I came across this BuzzFeed article that lists and gives recipes for "15 Hot Dogs Guaranteed To Be The Best Sandwiches You've Ever Had"... I am drooling to try numbers 1, 2, and 13!

But maybe you don't want to do any grilling or cooking since tomorrow is going to be so hot (highs projected for the mid 90's), that's totally understandable. Don't worry though, these different restaurants have the hookup when it comes to hot dogs tomorrow!

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