Man, this is a good one. This is just rich! It couldn't have happened to someone in a better state either. I hope you picked up on that comment that was dripping in sarcasm. Anyway, this woman was arrested with a dude because they were joy riding around in their birthday suit. According to WXYZ, the pair was actually spotted earlier in the night outside of a local business in the nude and that was ultimately what got them pulled over. Yeah, ya know, driving naked is going to do that every once in awhile. Wait. It gets better. I know what you're thinking, there is no way that this story can possibly get any better, but it does. Anytime there is nudity and pizza involved in something, I can't help but relate. I mean come on who hasn't had a slice of pie in the buff? If you say "not you" you're probably lying.

But that was the case here, they were pulled over while naked and this lady was just casually eating some pizza while the cops were investigating the situation. She's a legend. Needless to say they went to jail because they were intoxicated. She posted bail and then was arrested again because police found her wandering around intoxicated in public still. This time though there was less pizza and clothes. So not nearly as funny. I get it, we all have bad nights, but man this one is too good to pass up. Keep your clothes on while you're having a drink and slice this week people! Thank me later!