IT WAS APRIL 15, 1912 when the 'Titanic' sank to the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean.

The ship struck an iceberg at 11:20 pm on April 14; the ship finally sank at 2:20 am, April 15.

It left port at Southampton, England four days earlier, en route to New York City.
On board were many Michiganders and others who were on their way to Michigan. You can see the list of people heading toward Michigan, and Michigan's Titanic Memorial by CLICKING HERE.

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The photo gallery below shows some screenshots of a film that was shot onboard just before Titanic left on its ill-fated trip.

NOTE: Even though the captain seen in the pictures and accompanying video is the real captain that went down with the Titanic, it's believed this footage was actually shot on Titanic's sister ship, "Olympic".



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