What would you do if your roommate attempted to poison you and make your life a living hell?

TikTok user @thempress.von.infinity first shared the story about their horrible roommate back in February. At the time, they claimed that the unnamed roommate knew about their food allergies and used that to her advantage.

“My roommate… exposed me to one of my airborne food allergens on purpose because she was mad,” Von shared. “Yes, she was completely aware of it. Yes, she had agreed never to bring said food allergen into the house. She did it deliberately to ‘assert dominance’ in a situation.”

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Von revealed they are allergic to a chemical that is released into the air when alliums (e.g. garlic and onions) are chopped or cooked. The roommate that they met on Facebook Marketplace allegedly agreed to never bring the allergenic foods into their apartment.

Von told the outlet that their roommate refused to dispose of the garlic and onions despite their agreement, and even ended up cooking with them.

The roommate allegedly laughed when Von became unable to breathe and had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. After that, they began to communicate solely via text and email.

On March 23, Von updated their followers with a new video about their current situation.

Thankfully, the roommate finally moved out. However, before their roomie left, they apparently caused property damage worth at least $1,000.

Von alleged that while they were away taking a phone call for about 10 minutes, their roommate used the time to cut all their appliance power cables. Von claimed that the action violated their restraining order against the now ex-roommate but that no legal action could take place because they did not witness the alleged actions.

“I am aware that I can fix the power cords. Already knew that. She damaged the apartment itself, smashed my car window, and assaulted me twice," Von claimed.

In another video, Von explained why they haven't disclosed the ex-roommate's identity.

“When y’all are hearing about this, you’re probably picturing a white woman with ‘can I talk to the manager’ hair,” they began. “But the reality is that she is a Black woman and an immigrant… I am not willing to put a Black woman on blast for behaving badly—not because I owe it to her, but because I know that the wrong people on the internet are going to find that and are going to point to her and say, ‘Look! See? We’ve been saying all along that Black women are [groaning noise].'”

Von's experience is hardly the only roommate horror story to blow up on TikTok.

Recently, a teenage college student shared her own shocking experience with an ex-criminal roommate 34 years her senior who had allegedly threatened to kill previous roommates.

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