One BTS fan has added her own verse to "Butter" — and her addition to the track is beyond smooth.

On Wednesday (May 26), TikTok user @juliashappy uploaded a video of her singing her own totally genius verse over the pop group's latest single. ARMY seems to approve of her rendition, as her video has been viewed more than 850,000 times as of publishing.

"Smooth like butter / I make you nervous make the butterflies flutter / You'll soon discover / That you'll never find another lover like me / Too hot to handle / Posting them pics because I know my angles / So if you wanna catch it boy you better move quick / You may be a smooth talker but I know you ain't slick (like this)," Julia sings over the summery smash.

Listen to the clever re-imagining, below:

Julia Shappy has become a viral sensation on the short-form video platform for writing and adding her own verses to popular songs.

Followers often request songs for her to give her own take on and she delivers, writing, performing, filming and producing all of her recordings. Shappy has so far uploaded her own take on hits such as Olivia Rodrigo's "Good 4 U" and Sweetie and Doja Cat's "Best Friends," among many other tracks.

Check out some of her other popular remixes, below.

Aside from adding her own verses to viral songs, Shappy is also an original artist in her own right. She released her debut EP Lucky Charm earlier this year. She even created a song, "Main Character," based on the social media trend involving people being the stars of their own lives.

Check out her original debut single, below.

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