Is that maybe a bit dramatic? Sure. Is it true some of us have one anyways? Absolutely.

Think about it, we all have that one water bottle that just goes with us wherever we go. It's probably next to you right now, isn't it? Your day just can not and will not feel normal without it. Thus, this water bottle is a daily comfort to you and here we are taking a moment to thank these water bottles when the actual people in our lives just don't cut it.

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Thanks For Helping Me Be More Eco-Friendly

We all have heard for years now that re-usable water bottles are the way to go when it comes to reducing our plastic waste and thanks to you, my support water bottle, I can feel good about that.

You make me drink more water and that alone is healthier and also reduces my urge to go get a coffee in a disposable cup or an energy drink where the can is not recyclable. Together, I feel like we can take on the world.

Thanks For Keeping Me Hydrated

Having you around really reminds me how important it is to make sure you never go empty and you do the same in return. Except for me, that "emptiness" you fill for me is not only my bladder (sorry if that's TMI) but also just having some sort of constant companion throughout my day.

Emotional Support Bottle, you are always there for me and every trip to the watercooler, to me, is like walking hand-in-hand down the beach. Not only are you just so cute I love showing you off to everyone, but you are also so functional. You keep that water cold, quench my thirst and keep me going when the going gets tough.

You're Trending!

I thought I was the only one with a strange attachment to a single drinking vessel but, no!

As the fine folks of TikTok remind us, you have a whole community of water bottle brothers and sisters keeping us hydrated and slightly more emotionally stable.

There are even stickers made in your honor to accessorize you with so everyone knows just how important you are!

Just A Big Thank You

Other people might just not get it the way we do and that's okay. The bond between a person and their emotional support water bottle is for them to understand and nobody else.

I promise to always keep you clean, keep you comfortable and keep you close because you have made my life better.

Thank you for being the support I need and giving me the motivation to support my health (and my bladder).

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