Could you imagine dressing to impress at your boyfriend's work function only for him to send you home because he doesn't like your outfit?

In a series of videos, TikTok user @nikki.jabs revealed that her boyfriend of three weeks, named Greg, sent her packing after she showed up at the opening of his retail company in a lacy black top paired with a magenta jacket and pink pants.

Nikki shared that she spent over 40 minutes on her makeup for the event, where she was going to meet his co-workers and friends for the first time. Greg said that he was "too embarrassed to be seen with [her] in this outfit," so he called her an Uber shortly after she got to the venue.

"I'm just so sad because I spent so much time trying to look pretty," Nikki explained on TikTok. "And he sent me home in an Uber. Who does that? He sent me home with a stranger on a Friday night."

"Currently smiling, but trying not to cry," she added.

Nikki's original video got over 7 million views. When asked for more details about her outfit, she noted that she had at most an inch of midriff visible, but added that there was no cleavage on display.

At the request of her followers, she also shared a screenshot of a text message conversation which revealed that Greg asked her to stop using makeup.

Nikki also shared that she was basically living with Greg and after the Uber ride home, she grabbed her things and drove off in her van. Later that night, Greg let her know that she forgot her laptop. When she went to retrieve it, he attempted to win her back by telling her that the new outfit she was wearing at the time would have been more appropriate for the event.

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