This TikTok user wins for creepiest video of 2022.

In a viral video posted Nov. 25, user @darbyjjones posted a video documenting the strange Bluetooth camera signal she and some others discovered in their hotel room.

"Our hotel TV satellite picked up a horrific bluetooth camera signal," she said in the video's caption.

"And it's a toilet. It's a f---ing camera pointed at a toilet," she said, while a caption popped up over the video that said "straight crotch shot."

The view of the toilet on the screen also appeared to be under a black light.

"There's no sound, it hasn't moved in, what, 30 minutes?" she added.

The woman and another person then discovered an outlet in the vent above their hotel room's toilet, but concluded that the feed wasn't from their bathroom.

"Please get this out there, the dark web and creepy hidden cameras are very real," she wrote in another caption.

In an update, the woman said she "ran to the front desk" and "of course, it was the creepiest person ever to exist" who made her "feel so uneasy."

She said the employee only spent 20 minutes investigating the rooms before leaving.

"We were watching the livestream from 10:30 to like 4 in the morning and nothing happened. Nobody went in there and unplugged it or took a piss or anything," she confirmed.

She added that the hotel employee claimed he would notify the police, but when she called law enforcement later to make sure they knew of the situation, they had no idea.

In a further update posted Nov. 29, she said, "Everything is in the hands of the police," and that there are "no updates."

She also said that "every detail and video has been given" to them.

In the comments, she told another user that she has been "in contact with the police" and they have yet to find anything.

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