There is so much to see in Michigan.  So much fascinating history.  But not all of it is pretty.

Thrillist's list of the 11 Most Insane Abandoned Places in Michigan includes Prehistoric Forest Amusement Park.  I can't be certain, because I never had the opportunity to visit it before it closed, but I'm betting it's WAY cooler now that it's overgrown and dilapidated.

How about Grand Island East Channel Light.  This 150+ year old lighthouse only operated for 40 years in the late 1800s, but it still stands, and would definitely be an insane place to collect a little historical perspective.

Looking for something extra creepy on your summer road trip?  Marquette's Holy Family Orphanage appears on numerous "most haunted" lists.  The gigantic facility closed in 1965 after housing hundreds of children for 50 years, the last of whom were Cuban refugees.

One more -- my friend and coworker, John Robinson, has been trying to get me to go on ghost town tour with him for a long time, and this is one of the places he always talks about.  Fayette in the Upper Peninsula is an entire former city, much of whose buildings are still standing.  Founded in the 1860s, the town boomed for a short time during the iron rush.  It is now a State Park and, being a huge fan of local history, one place I definitely intend to visit soon.

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