No matter how old you are you can still make a difference and this is shown in this year's edition of Forbes "30 Under 30". This is a list that Forbes Magazine makes every year to show the people that are making a difference across sports, entertainment, business, and more.

The list this year might look familiar to you as a few former Michigan State alumni have made the list this year. First, in the list, the former Michigan State Spartans player Draymond Green, who is now on the Golden State Warriors. Next, from the entertainment and Hollywood section is Youtuber Tyler Oakley. Finally in the energy category is Travis Thompson, who is currently a research fellow at University of Michigan. He received his doctorate from MSU in 2014. Thompson is now working with University of Michigan to develop a better battery.

To read more about them and see more about the "30 Under 30" list check it out here. 

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